Everything must have a beginning…

In the digital age we live in, there is an endless and overwhelming number of ways for me to communicate with you – telephone, fax, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on, ad nauseum.  I can reach you on your home phone, your office phone, your cell phone; via your desktop, your laptop; your smartphone, your tablet, or all of the above. There’s a lot of information that we all receive every day – so much, in fact, that it can be impossible to keep track of. At least for me.

I wanted a way to cut through the deluge of information you get every day. I wanted a way to get you, the agent (and your customer!), the info YOU need, when YOU need it, in a simple and straightforward manner.

And that’s why I wanted to start this blog.

Anyway, you hear from us all the time about how important it is to “not wait” and for you to “call us now”. Are we trying to create a sense of urgency? Absolutely.

Is there a good reason as to why we want to create that sense of urgency? Absolutely.

Every day, our market is changing. What use would we be to you, the agent, if we didn’t shout from the rooftops about the importance of getting the best deal for your clients? Changes are just around the corner – with Actuarial Guideline 38 (AG38) coming up in January, you can expect to see guaranteed universal life (GUL) prices going up yet again. And the prices on single pay “dump-ins” are going up even more!

How many 110-year olds do you know? How about 100 year olds? Many carriers that we work with have some very competitive pricing for shorter duration guarantees – have you taken a hard look at this? It’s a great way to save your client a couple of bucks.

You’ll be hearing more from us here, so check back often. We hope you find this blog as useful and entertaining as we plan it to be. And remember – you’re part of the Zenith community – don’t be shy. The comments section is here for a reason – tell us what you think.

About Mike Gorlick

President & CEO, Zenith Marketing Group, Inc.

8 comments on “Everything must have a beginning…

  1. Thanks Mike!

  2. Mike, I appreicate these updates. We never know what really is going regarding how
    the economy will directrly affect our business. Thanks John Jaggi CLU

  3. Mike,

    The insight you provide with your emails and now Mr. Zenith Speaks, give us a leg up on our competition.

    Thank you!


  4. Mike,

    Nice idea. Look forward to following you here!

  5. I think this is going to be a huge challenge for our industry and for our country. A socialization of a health care system such as they way ours is designed has never been attempted. Some initial data seems to show, it may not work well the way its currently designed and the unintended consequences will be life changing for all of us. Honestly all we can do is be prepared for the worst and hope it ends up in the middle somewhere. Just my two cents worth Mike. It was nice meeting you last week!

  6. I believe the GUL products MAY be a key target in the future IF one is late in paying the premium, according to some contracts, those guarantees go off from to age 120 to maybe 95 unless more premium is paid AND it has to be paid in timely fashion. Since they implemented the new AG 38 these plans, this may be a litigation magnet. Think your clients are going to remember that you told them this was guaranteed to age 120 and they miss premium payment and the policy goes to age 95? Lawsuits abound.

    • GUL’s are finished in my opinion as well as IUL’s if the stock market becomes an issue. The cost of insurance is always overlooked by most agents and that will prove to be a key item in the “blowing up” of policies going forward. My advice to agents, “keep your eye on the ball.”

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