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Zenith 2013 Producer Summit – Day Three


The 2013 Zenith Producer Summit went out with a bang on Friday with the highly-anticipated Keynote speech of Mr. Andy Friedman, “Wall Street’s Tax Expert” with his annual “Washington Update”. Andy’s humorous mix of political and financial prognostication never fails to please, and this year was no exception. Diving right in with his analysis of the “fiscal cliff compromise”, Andy touched upon such topics as:

  • immediate and longer-term implications of the Bush-era tax cuts and phaseout of itemized deductions
  • upcoming changes to the estate and gift tax exemptions, including spousal portability guidelines
  • how the compromise did not address key issues such as the overly-complicated tax code
  • impending threats to the US deficit and possible US credit downgrade
  • a litany of possible tax code changes, including exemptions/deductions on caps, employer-provided health insurance premiums, pension plan contributions, and more
  • identification of tax loophole changes
  • other miscellaneous 2013 legislative items, including immigration, gun control, and energy policy

The afternoon concluded with “How to Cross-Sell Your Way to Sales Success”, a panel discussion featuring Zenith producers Ted Cohn, Stephen Gilberg, and Michael Dugan. The three agents fielded both moderator and individual questions to allow a unique and insightful glimpse into the nuts and bolts of their practices, and provided sales strategies and concepts that contributed to their professional successes.

All good things must inevitably come to an end; as we bid a fond farewell to Miami and head back to cooler climes, Producer Summit attendees are returning with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that they hope to apply directly to their personal practices. Throughout the past three days, with lessons learned and relationships strengthened, we hope to make 2013 our most successful year ever. We wish to extend our gratitude to those who attended, and safe travels home. And even if you were unable to attend the Summit this year, we hope that these updates kept you in the loop – don’t forget, your Zenith sales rep would be more than happy to discuss any concepts or questions you may have on any of our product lines. We thank you for your business, and look forward to a stellar rest of the year!

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