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Zenith 2013 Producer Summit – Day Two


Today was described as “one of the most stimulating and idea-packed days” one producer had ever experienced – and we at Zenith couldn’t hope for a better compliment! Day Two kicked off with an energetic CEO Roundtable discussion, featuring Chuck Anderson of Prudential, Jimmy Atkins of Legal and General, Larry Dahl of LBL, and Marty Flewellen of Transamerica. Among the topics discussed were:

  • AG38’s pricing and design changes on products and the trends that precipitated it, along with predictions for the future
  • Commoditization of life insurance
  • “Telling the story” and making the emotional sale
  • Late premium and catch-up premiums

This was followed by the absolute grand slam of “Paychecks and Playchecks” by Tom Hegna. This exciting presentation demonstrated the mathematical and scientifically proven guide on how to create a solid retirement with as much upside potential and downside protection as possible. Tom was quick to show that clients can have guaranteed lifetime income to keep them and their family safe and secure in any market environment. A tremendous hit, and a can’t-miss presentation! We hope to have the full recap posted shortly.

The day continued with Zenith’s own Michael Pinkans and Dan McGrath presenting the HOPE Analysis Tool – Zenith’s proprietary healthcare expense analysis tool. An hour of discussion about an individual’s “Number” – or the amount of money they would theoretically need in retirement for healthcare expenses – sparked a firestorm of ideas and debate that continued well after the session concluded. If you haven’t heard of the HOPE Analysis yet, make sure you ask your sales representative about it – this is information you can’t afford to be without!

The day concluded with two individual breakout sessions – Zenith’s Senior VP Doug Price held a spirited open forum titled “Guaranteed Income Riders on Annuities – An Absolutely Honest Comparison and Appraisal” in which producers voiced their personal opinions and discussed sales strategies in regards to income riders, while Principal Financial’s Mark Householder, RVP, rolled out “Principal Business Owner and Executive Solutions (BOES): Maximizing Your Opportunities in 2013” – a comprehensive look at Principal’s own business planning and valuation concept.

Check back often as we will be posting the presentations themselves as soon as possible, and be sure to stop back tomorrow for the highlights from our final day in beautiful Miami, Florida!

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