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Message from the CEO – Suitability


I promise you – it’s not a four-letter word. But for some, even the very word alone is a cause for high blood pressure, clenched fists, and grinding teeth.

When most of us think about suitability, we conjure up mental images of countless forms with client signatures, days wasted waiting for carriers to give the all clear, and the possibility of legal action even if we dotted all our I’s and crossed all our T’s. At its best, its an inconvenience. Problematic. Tedious. But like it or not, suitability is here to stay, and I’m glad that it is. Wait… WHAT?!?

Let me explain to you why I think suitability as we know it is actually a blessing in disguise.

How well do you know your clients? Let me rephrase that – how well do you THINK you know your clients? Because I guarantee you, with the exception of a select few, they are keeping information from you. You could know more about them. The suitability process is a perfect opportunity to find out more about your clients! From beginning to end, the suitability process allows you, as an agent, to dig more deeply than you ever had to before – to find out more about your client’s goals, their available assets, and what they are really looking to get out of their relationship with you. By taking advantage of this, agents are finding more and more chances to cross-sell and up-sell to their clients. At the end of the day, they are better able to tailor products and solutions to fit their clients needs… and making more sales in the process!!!

Are you letting a suitably golden opportunity go to waste?

About Mike Gorlick

President & CEO, Zenith Marketing Group, Inc.

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