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Do you know what your clients AREN’T asking you?

Because I think I do. And most of the other marketers out there think they do too.

The miracle of modern technology lets us quantify what the “average American” is using the internet to search for. Did you know that, in the past month, there have been 3.3 million searches for the term “Medicare?” Over six million searches for “Social Security?” Over half a million for “Retirement Plan”, approximately 675k for “Annuity”, and over 1.8 million for “Life Insurance?”

So these days, what do we do when we want to find out more about something? We Google it.

Average Americans (read: your clients) obviously want to know about this stuff.

So I ask you this – are you giving your clients what they need, or only specifically what they ask for? Why not give them a little more?

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