All these crazy kids, with their Facebooks and their YouTubes…

It seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing about Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other numerous social media sites out there. A lot of advisors I talk to feel uncomfortable using these sites, as they may be unfamiliar with them, or they may find them hard to keep “business-related.” But how about sites such as LinkedIn and YouTube?

LinkedIn has quickly become the “go-to” social networking site for both large and small businesses alike. As a professional insurance agent, if you and your practice are NOT on LinkedIn, you should definitely consider building a profile – our other agents are using it for networking, prospecting, and much more! Some quick stats:

–          It’s estimated that 27% of time online is spent on social media websites. (MarketingProfs.com)

–          26% of ultra-high-net-worth investors use LinkedIn. (Northern Trust)

–          58% of U.S. internet users earning $50K+ per year are on LinkedIn, while only 7% of those that earn less than $30K  a year are. (Marketing Land)

–          LinkedIn tops all other Social Networks in Google Search Results. (Small Business Chronicle)

Need some tips on fine-tuning your profile? Check out Zenith’s LinkedIn page and make sure to follow us for industry news and updates.

The same goes for YouTube – no longer just the destination for funny cat videos! In fact, companies like Zenith use YouTube to host a variety of content, whether it be informational, educational, or otherwise business related. Couldn’t attend one of our webinars, or want to find out more about Zenith? Check out our YouTube channel and catch up with what you missed out on!

What social media outlets do you use in your practice? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

2 comments on “All these crazy kids, with their Facebooks and their YouTubes…

  1. I would love to use this form of social media , but i have no idea as to how.

  2. Carmine – it would be our pleasure to help! LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 135 million users, mostly business professionals. When creating a profile, make sure that it really captures both you AND your business! You then can use your profile to both attract new clients and foster the relationships with your existing ones. You can also join professional associations and groups – some groups can have upwards of 10,000 members, greatly increasing your potential exposure! Using LinkedIn, you can promote yourself, any events you may be hosting, post articles you have written, etc. One great idea we like to share – find one of your clients on LinkedIn, then identify 5 people they are “linked” to. Instead of generically asking for referrals, ask the client if they’d introduce you to the 5 people you have pre-selected. We also encourage you to check out Zenith’s LinkedIn and follow us, where you can get the latest updates and network with other agents like yourself!

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