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The “Perfect Storm” That Every Single Retiree Will Face

Adapting our sales strategies and product offerings to stay relevant in changing economic times has always been a hallmark of Zenith Marketing’s deep commitment to our agents. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the topic of healthcare costs in retirement has been becoming more and more prevalent. Coupled with the traditional […]

Who Says Completing a Life Insurance Application Has to Be Painful?

These days, it seems that everything you do involves a prodigious amount of paperwork. Opening a bank account? Applying for a car loan? Adopting a new puppy? Get ready for an avalanche of forms! In the past, it seemed that life insurance companies were solidly on-board the “forms bandwagon.” With increasing pressure from their legal […]

A Quick Word on Beneficiary Reviews

Those of us who have spent some time in the industry have all heard the horror stories about beneficiary designations gone awry; families torn apart, with expensive litigation, adding enormous stress in already-difficult times. While this can be an uncomfortable topic for some clients, the benefits of having this discussion far outweigh the alternatives. Just recently, […]