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A Quick Word on Beneficiary Reviews

Those of us who have spent some time in the industry have all heard the horror stories about beneficiary designations gone awry; families torn apart, with expensive litigation, adding enormous stress in already-difficult times. While this can be an uncomfortable topic for some clients, the benefits of having this discussion far outweigh the alternatives. Just recently, one of our colleagues came across the following article – it clearly illustrates the need for advisors to conduct regular beneficiary reviews with their clients.

“Supreme Court says ex-wife gets man’s insurance money instead of wife”

It falls upon us, as advisors, to do our best to make sure our clients’ wishes are correctly represented. Not only are beneficiary reviews a prudent planning step for your clients, but they also give you an excellent reason to interact with your database and strengthen your client relationships. It also lets you dig more deeply into a client’s portfolio, where you can possibly uncover information that can help you address additional planning needs. This translates into more sales!

Zenith Marketing has also been a strong proponent of beneficiary reviews for some time; you can click below for our proprietary materials as well!

CPR Beneficiary Review

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