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The “Perfect Storm” That Every Single Retiree Will Face

Adapting our sales strategies and product offerings to stay relevant in changing economic times has always been a hallmark of Zenith Marketing’s deep commitment to our agents. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the topic of healthcare costs in retirement has been becoming more and more prevalent. Coupled with the traditional retirement concerns of Medicare and Social Security planning, there is a “perfect storm” brewing – a storm that few in our industry have seen coming.

Until now.

Zenith Marketing Group has always prided itself on being ahead of the curve, and this is no exception. We are excited to announce the publication of our newest whitepaper, Assessing the Inevitable Cost of Healthcare Expenses in Retirement: The Relationship Between Social Security and Medicare. This whitepaper offers a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the nuts and bolts of how changes to Social Security and Medicare will affect virtually every single client you have – and what you can do NOW to protect their retirement.

As an exclusive value-add and a “Thank You” for working with Zenith Marketing, we are making this paper available for download to our blog subscribers first! After you read it, give us a call to discuss your next steps and how you can put this information to best use with your practice.

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