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Reflecting On the Important Things This September

What does September mean to you? The air starts to turn cooler, and kids (and parents!) are excited about school starting. Maybe you are still sporting a healthy tan from your summer vacation. How about pumpkin spiced lattes and hot apple cider? Suffice it to say, there are many great things that set September apart from the other eleven months. However, in our industry, September is special for another reason entirely – September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Oh great, another “special” month. Did you know that May is “Sweet Vidalia Onion Month” and June is proudly hailed as “Accordion Awareness Month?” Cue the fireworks! …OK, OK, I didn’t know those either. (However, more power to all of our onion-eating, accordion-playing colleagues out there!)

Nonetheless, I do pay special attention to Life Insurance Awareness Month. Why is it such a big deal to me? I’m glad you asked.

I’ll be the first to admit it – sometimes I get caught up in all of my day-to-day activities. Meetings, phone calls, paperwork, more meetings, oh yes, my family… and maybe a couple holes of golf sometime this week if I can squeeze them in. We all get caught up in the nuts and bolts of our business and our lives, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, one downside is that sometimes we can lose sight of why we do what we do – why we chose this industry. So when you take that life insurance application from your client and drop it in the overnight to us here at Zenith, do you really consider the weight of what you just did? And when you receive your client’s policy in the mail and deliver it to them – do you appreciate what you’ve just done?

Remember that a life insurance policy is more than just a collection of papers with words and figures on them – a life insurance policy is vastly more than the sum of its parts. A life insurance policy is that small bit of comfort in someone’s life – someone’s life that has just been turned head over heels by the loss of a loved one. A life insurance policy is that one rock that someone can cling to, when everything else seems to be hanging on by a thread. A life insurance policy is peace of mind, made tangible.

A life insurance policy is an acknowledgement that life can (and will) go on. A life insurance policy is hope for the future.

Here at Zenith, we try not to lose sight of the enormous service that our industry provides. After all, it’s the reason so many of us (you included!) get out of bed in the morning and bring such passion to what we do.

On a closing note, all the way back in 1929, a gentleman by the name of Jack Leterman summed up the meaning of Life Insurance Awareness Month better than I ever could.

“A life insurance policy is just a time-yellowed piece of paper, with columns of figures and legal phrases, until it is baptized with a widow’s tears. Then it becomes a modern miracle, a sort of Aladdin’s Lamp.

It is food, clothing, shelter, education, peace of mind.

It is the sincerest love letter ever written.

It quiets the crying of a hungry baby at night. It eases the heart of a bereaved widow.

It is the comforting whisper in the dark silent hours of the night. It is new hope, fresh courage and strength for the widow to pick up the broken threads of life and carry on. It is an education for the sons and daughters (a chance for a career, instead of the need for a job). It is a father’s parental blessing to his children on their wedding day.

It is the function of a father’s hopes and dreams for his family’s future. Through life insurance he lives on. There is no death. Life Insurance exalts life and defeats death. It is the premium we pay for the privilege of living after death.”

Thank you for doing what you do, and thank you for choosing to partner with Zenith Marketing Group.

About Mike Gorlick

President & CEO, Zenith Marketing Group, Inc.

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