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A Little Closer To Home…

In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, one of Zenith’s own has been kind enough to share an extremely personal and relevant story that really hits home and helps illustrate the true value that a life insurance policy can bring to a person’s family and loved ones. We hope you appreciate it as much as we did.

“My mom was a Type I diabetic, which at that time was called juvenile diabetes, as she was diagnosed at age 4.  She was a ‘brittle diabetic’ which meant her blood sugars were all over the place, so she was extremely unstable.  By the time she was 36 years old she was legally blind and had lost feeling in her extremities.

By the time she was 42, (which is the age I am now)  she was on dialysis three times a week and had a tracheostomy, as her vocal cords swelled so much they were destroyed.  My mother died two months before her 46th birthday of a massive heart attack… and unfortunately, she had no life insurance.

You can’t even begin to imagine the medical bills my family had to deal with – let alone funeral expenses!  Not to sound harsh, but funerals are not cheap, and doctors want their money now – no excuses!  In addition to that, life still goes on, so there are still everyday expenses, a mortgage to pay, and a family trying to figure out where the money will come from.  It’s not ‘when’ will I get the money to pay the bills, it’s ‘where’ will I get the money to pay the bills.

So what does life insurance mean to me?  It means safety, security, and protection for those left behind. It means allowing us to mourn the loss of a loved one and not worry about the bill collectors knocking at the door.”

– Paula Halperin, Senior Brokerage Underwriter – Zenith Marketing Group

There are thousands of stories out there just like Paula’s – stories of families that, besides having to deal with the loss of a loved one, also have to deal with debts and bills. Nothing can help the grief and loss a person suffers upon the death of a loved one; but life goes on –  and a life insurance policy can be an essential part of helping a family start putting the pieces back together.

This Life Insurance Awareness Month, share Paula’s story, and others like it, with your clients, and help show them the real value that life insurance can provide to them and their families.

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