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Frustrated with the “typical” life insurance sales cycle?

Client apathy. Stale sales pitches. An oversaturated marketplace. Too many products to choose from. An insurance agent on every corner, not to mention online insurance sales sites. Cold leads. Any of these sound familiar?

Unfortunately, I’d be willing to bet that they do. So how do you differentiate yourself (and earn a living) amidst all of this?

As the life insurance industry continues to evolve, more and more producers are finding challenges in the traditional “sales cycle”; not only in prospecting and approaching new clients, but also in conducting the product conversation with the client, and ultimately closing the sale. If you have been feeling similar frustrations in your own practice, fear not – you’re not alone. Now you have another advantage – ClientCoach.

ClientCoach, courtesy of Transamerica and Zenith Marketing Group, helps you retake control of the sales cycle with your clients and provide you with new strategies and resources to help take your practice into different marketplaces – and help you make more sales and grow your business.

ClientCoach offers:

  • Easy access, right from Zenith Marketing Group’s website
  • Step-by-step guides throughout the entire life insurance sales cycle
  • Detailed information on specific client types – and how best to connect and work with each
  • Comprehensive product information, sales strategies, forms, and tools
  • Framework to help you identify existing opportunities and referrals from your current book of business

Don’t wait – find out all about ClientCoach HERE!

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