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A Disability Guide for the Life Insurance Salesperson

Your clients need disability protection. They also need your help finding the right solutions to protect their incomes and businesses.

Nearly everyone in the working population needs income protection so the market opportunity is wide open. As you get started building Disability Insurance (DI) into your business, consider:

  • Your existing expertise and natural markets
  • Industries where your friends and family work
  • Neighborhood small businesses, local college programs and area associations

pexels-photo-40120Make a list of prospects and potential clients and then work that list. The first step is simply to BRING UP the need for income protection in every client meeting.

How and when you introduce DI into the conversation depends entirely on your meeting style. There shouldn’t be a need to change anything other than adding one line to your presentation: “I firmly believe that no protection plan is complete without the inclusion of disability coverage.” If you’re not comfortable discussing the details of DI, reference the DI specialists at Zenith Marketing Group.

People protect their homes, cars, lives, and even identities with insurance. Should something as important as income be left off that list?

Before your clients will be able to answer that question, you need to make sure you are framing the conversation around the following, more specific questions:

If I became too sick or hurt to work…

  • How long could my family survive without my income?
  • Does my family have the means to cover current debts and daily living expenses, and continue to save?
  • Do I have enough income protection in place (including individual and group insurance)?

Most people don’t realize it, but the threat of becoming too sick or hurt to work is real. Yet, many don’t have income protection — or are unknowingly under insured.

Check out these resources from Principal to help you approach your clients:
Flier – “Take Action – Incorporate IDI Into Your Practice”
Video – “Income Protection – Why it’s Important”
Flier – “What are your priorities?”
Calculator – Disability Insurance Needs

Most clients simply need help understanding the need, and remember, we can assist you every step of the way – before, during and after the sale. (800) 733-0054

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