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This Is Love


As Valentine’s Day approaches, you start thinking about the love in your life. From your new additions, to graduating college students, to aging parents and everyone in between, it’s a perfect time to take a moment to celebrate the special people you have cultivated loving relationships with.

You may choose to send them a nice card, or flowers, or set up a nice dinner. You can squeeze them a little tighter and let them know how you feel.

But how are you protecting your family?

This is a good time to reflect on these vital questions:

If something were to happen to you what would happen to your family? Would they have to worry about money? What would happen to their dreams about the future? Could your family live comfortably without your income?

These questions may make you a bit uncomfortable, but the answers to these questions are extremely important to you and your family members.

Life insurance eases your worry about your family’s financial future and gives you more time to embrace the present. Life insurance helps protect your loved ones in case you die early or unexpectedly.  Life insurance is more than a number or income replacement; it’s about planning for the future and making sure your legacy lives on.

Speaking to your financial professional will help you determine your life insurance needs and how you can provide the ultimate gift of love to your family.

Celebrate love by offering protection and peace of mind to those you hold most dear.


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