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This Is My Story: Tema Banner


A typical fourteen year old, I paid little attention to the lives of my parents. I was wrapped up in friendships with girls and budding desires for something more than friendship with boys. My attention barely reached the end of my own nose. An argument with my mother brought the reality of life into sparkling clarity and the words she spoke stopped me in my tracks, changed my world, and have never been forgotten.

“I see your father limping where he never limped…” I did not hear the rest of what she said, in that moment nothing else mattered. My world shifted from the idyllic, safe haven I resided in, to the unknown. My question, “What’s wrong with Daddy?” went unanswered, because she did not know.

Eventually, we discovered that my Dad had two incurable illnesses, ALS and Alzheimer’s – in 1978 Alzheimer’s was not a term you heard every day and could not be accurately diagnosed until after death, it was a pre-diagnosis and it turned out to be correct. It was difficult to believe and harder to accept that my Dad, a man full of energy and life, could have his life cut short. He died two years later at the age of 52. I have outlived him by a year and never has his life seemed as short as it now appears to me.

He had life insurance. My mother received $62,000. Among four children it was insufficient. My Dad spent the last year of his life in the Veterans Hospital in Salisbury, NC – thank God he was a Veteran. The necessity for my mother to go to work meant there was no one at home to care for him. Long-Term Care was in its infancy, and frankly, coming from a generation that ‘took care of their own’ I doubt he would have made the purchase; after all, my great-grandmother lived with us the majority of my childhood. She never spent a day in a nursing facility and died at the ripe age of 96, at the time she was living with one of her sons.

My Dad did not plan on becoming disabled at age 50 and dying at age 52 – but then, none of us do. Today my mother receives paltry social security from my father’s years of employment and a small pension from the power company where he was an engineer.

This is my story; this is why I believe in Life Insurance, Disability, Long-Term Care, and Retirement Planning. This is why I care about your clients and why I work hard to find the right solutions for the different phases of their life. Everyone has a story – Zenith Marketing Group understands and is a company that cares.

Call our Sales Team for a customized, client-first approach to insurance planning.

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