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Connecting With Your Female Clients

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Not sure how to talk to women about finances…just start! The questions you are asking your male clients can be easily translated to any conversation you are having with women. Simple right?

However, the reality is that in our male-dominated industry there is a disconnect on how to communicate effectively with female clients. The foundation of being an effective financial advisor is communication. In this post, we will focus on some strategies to successfully market and sell to women.


First, you need to understand the truth that men and women DO communicate differently. Men tend to talk about data, facts, and expertise, where women tend to share experiences and strive to be understood. For example, instead of asking  “How much do you have in investable assets?” you may want to say something like “Can you tell me your experience with budgeting and saving?” Instead of “How much money do you want to save for retirement?” you can say, “What event or thoughts caused you to want to meet with me today?” You will still get the information you are seeking, but you are posing it in a way that shows your female client that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them.


There are 2 main scenarios that you need to be able to navigate:

  • When your female client states that they are in control of the finances
  • When your female client states that they are not

Believe the answer that they have given you and move forward accordingly. Be cognizant of your body language, eye contact, and balance of speaking time in either of these scenarios. In both cases, the female client will influence the ultimate decision to work with you or not, so make sure you are including all that are present in the meeting.

You want to strive to help simplify their life when it comes to money – you’re not selling to your female clients, your helping them buy; you’re not another thing to plan for and think about – you are alleviating a pain point and making finances easier to understand and manage.


An easy way to approach the conversation is to treat every client like a close friend. When talking about insurance and financial solutions with a close friend you’re more likely to be looking to help and not sell. What would you want them to watch out for? How can you help them make the best decision for themselves and their family? How would you explain the options so they can best understand?

Remember that it’s not about slapping pink on your marketing materials, it’s a way to communicate slightly differently in order to build a rapport with female clients.

With these strategies in mind, you will build and strengthen your relationships with prospects and existing clients and connect more easily with your female clients!

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