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This Is My Story: How My Father Influenced My Future

family holding hands

Growing up, I always believed I had the white-picket-fence-middle-class lifestyle. I had two older sisters and two loving parents who only wanted the best for our family. When I graduated high school, my father asked what I wanted to focus my studies on through college. I expressed to him “anything other than what you do”, for he had spent over 30 years in the insurance industry reaching as high a position as the comptroller for a company.  He tried to express to me how helping others is a very gratifying feeling.

Within 3 months of starting my freshman year at college, everything changed for our family. My father was diagnosed with Stage 1a/1b Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Back in 1988, we were told my father was going to beat the cancer within 6 months. Three months later – one day before my father’s 53rd birthday – my father suddenly collapsed and passed away.

Our world had changed in a heartbeat. 

It took me a few hours to truly process that the person that I looked up to was no longer in my life. I went for a much needed walk by myself late that night until the early morning hours. As I was trying to wrap my brain around the instantaneous changes that were taking place in our family’s world, I came to the conclusion that maybe the passing of my father was his way of expressing to me that I needed to learn life lessons by trusting my own judgement.

I realized then that even though I was the youngest in the family, I would do anything to protect them. One of my other sisters was finishing up her last year in college, while my stay-at-home mother was now being thrust into the workforce.

I’m not sure what would have happened to my family if my father did not have life insurance. 

That my father had life insurance for the “what if’s” in life really helped me have a better understanding of the importance of protecting your loved ones. There are many different ways to utilize life insurance in today’s world. When my father passed away, it was there to help keep my family afloat and allowed me to recognize a path to potentially help others with situations similar to my family’s.

Protecting individuals and families with life insurance is my way of paying it forward. My father is “my why”.

Lee Halperin is Sales Vice President for Zenith Marketing Group, LLC.

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