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3 Advanced Planning Strategies to Skyrocket Your Life Insurance Sales

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It’s no secret that life insurance advanced planning can lead to some pretty large premiums. The challenge is uncovering these sales and then feeling comfortable identifying and presenting the solutions.

We have identified 3 ideas in our Producer Guide that make it easy to become an advanced planning expert. We cover the opportunities, conversation starters, and how it works for each of these strategies:


Many high-income and high-net worth individuals will be taxed on most of their retirement income, including their Social Security benefits. Are your clients prepared to pay taxes on all of their retirement income?


As your clients begin work on developing their estate plan, a key consideration is the fair and equitable distribution of assets to heirs. However, there are times where doing so may not be practical. In situations where a large portion of an estate is a business or other non-liquid asset, a client may want the asset to go into the hands of those that have interest. Life Insurance may prove to be a useful tool in helping to ensure a proportionate inheritance.


A buy/sell agreement gives business-owners peace of mind knowing that their business is in capable hands in the event of their death or departure. A life insurance policy is one of the most efficient methods of funding these agreements.

Your partnership with Zenith Marketing Group provides you access to a host of advanced planning experts and attorneys, within Zenith Marketing Group, our parent company Ash Brokerage, and our carrier partners.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of offering advanced planning services; we’ll make it easy for you.

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