Life Insurance Awareness Month

Mike’s Musings: Show Your Clients a Valuable Alternative

How many of you remember when Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) first arrived into the marketplace? When it first came out, it was just a regular universal life contract which built up cash values based on an assumed interest rate and if the client added the guarantee rider and agreed to pay the higher, stipulated premium to […]

How Life Insurance Can Ripple Through Time: True Stories for Awareness Month

Have you ever thought about how the life insurance you sell today can ripple through time?  Consider the effect that a death benefit can have not only on the immediate hardships faced after the death of a loved one, but on the future generations that come from those that benefited from an in force policy […]

Frustrated with the “typical” life insurance sales cycle?

Client apathy. Stale sales pitches. An oversaturated marketplace. Too many products to choose from. An insurance agent on every corner, not to mention online insurance sales sites. Cold leads. Any of these sound familiar? Unfortunately, I’d be willing to bet that they do. So how do you differentiate yourself (and earn a living) amidst all […]

Top 11 Ways to Reach New Clients and Build Your Life Insurance Sales

By now we all should know how important life insurance is – after all, it’s Life Insurance Awareness Month! According to a recent LIMRA study, only 63% of Americans have life insurance, but a whopping 97% say that life insurance is important to them. This means that almost 40% of consumers don’t have life insurance, […]

Are life insurance (mis)perceptions becoming reality?

Here we are in the tail end of September, and yet another Life Insurance Awareness Month is starting to wind down. All month, we’ve been receiving the emails – the heartwarming stories, the tear-jerking videos, and the celebrity testimonials reminding us how important life insurance really is. However, even with all of this, there are […]

A Little Closer To Home…

In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, one of Zenith’s own has been kind enough to share an extremely personal and relevant story that really hits home and helps illustrate the true value that a life insurance policy can bring to a person’s family and loved ones. We hope you appreciate it as much as we did. […]

Reflecting On the Important Things This September

What does September mean to you? The air starts to turn cooler, and kids (and parents!) are excited about school starting. Maybe you are still sporting a healthy tan from your summer vacation. How about pumpkin spiced lattes and hot apple cider? Suffice it to say, there are many great things that set September apart from the […]