Mike’s Musings: Sometimes Change Can Be A Game Changer!

Decades ago, as a Captain in the Air Force, I was given a diaper at my going away luncheon by a First Lieutenant who worked with me.  She said it was to remind me to embrace change in my future undertakings.  Even then, she recognized that change was difficult for me (as it is for […]

Underwriting Mary Jane

This blog post was written with the assistance of Paula Halperin, Senior Brokerage Underwriter, Zenith Marketing Group. Any opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and in no way reflect upon the opinions of Zenith Marketing Group. Information expressed herein is not meant to provide specific legal or financial advice. Pot. Reefer. Weed. Marijuana. […]

Are E-Cigarettes Putting a “Drag” On Life Insurance Sales?

Is the profile of the traditional tobacco user going “up in smoke?” (cough, cough) Everyone seems to be weighing in on “e-cigarettes” – from the FDA, to WebMD, to major news outlets like CNN, and everyone in between. What are they, and why are they all the buzz in the life insurance industry today?  So all […]